They will look after you

I would like to thank Devon Wheels 2 Work for putting me on their scheme. It was very sad to have to give my motor bike back to them. I can highly recommend them to anybody male or female who is interested in hiring a motor bike get in touch with Devon Wheels 2 Work. You will be looked after. The scheme will give you (on loan) a motor bike, jacket, road safety checks, MOT and if you break down they will help you. All you have to do is fill the bike up with petrol, check the oil and wash your bike, it doesn’t like to run when covered in mud.
Max is very helpful when needed. If I get the use of my hand back I will go back to Devon Wheels 2 Work.

Thank you again for everything. Many Thanks Kim

Kim W, aged 59


I started the scheme in 2008 with a 50cc and after a few weeks moved up to a 125cc scooter as I wanted something with a bigger engine. Devon Wheels 2 Work was based at Halwill Junction back then and the staff were always brilliant and you could have a laugh and a cup of tea with them.

Having to make regular payments helped me learn to budget for my transport and because I wasn’t able to work at that time because of my disabilities s having the bike helped me get out and about. Because of Devon Wheels 2 Work I could go and see my boy and I could go and volunteer.

Devon Wheels 2 Work is a great scheme and from learning how to look after a bike, they helped me eventually get my own one.

M.J, aged 40


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and how grateful I am to have a fantastic scheme like Wheels 2 Work in my area. If it wasn’t for this scheme and length of time you loaned me the bike I would have had to have given up my job due to start times as public transport doesn’t run at that time of day.
I wish you all the best for the future and hope you continue to support people in Devon by continuing to run such a beneficial scheme which has helped me to stay employed. After passing my driving test I no longer require the bike I have been renting.

Peter C, aged 36


I was in foster care with Merv and Sarah for 3 years. They helped me get a wheels to work bike so I could get a job and see my friends.
I worked in little Chef at Whiddon Down and I couldn’t catch a bus because there wasn’t one. After that, I worked at Vital Dog at North Tawton. I saved enough money to buy my own bike, a virago, which I still ride now.  Thank you Wheels 2 Work for giving me the opportunity to work and meet friends.

 Katie P, aged 20